The Best of American Apparel

Because everyone needs a little AA in their life.

Nylon Tricot Figure Skater Dress ($48)

Call me crazy, but I think this shiny little number from American Apparel can actually be very versatile if you know how to use it.

Join Front Row!

My favorite fashion board has to be Front Row. It's perfect, with many different interesting forums, including: Celebrities, Fashion, Models, Magazines, Industry, and even fun fashion games. I advise everyone to check it out. It's a great forum with friendly people, but it has potential to be even better with more members!


I know that by now you have all heard about Lindsay Lohan's nude photoshoot for New York Magazine, in which she portrayed Marilyn Monroe. But what you might not know is that Playboy magazine now wants to her to also recreate Monroe's nude swim from her unfinished final film, Something's Got To Give. This is an insult to Marilyn Monroe. Can anybody name one respectable film, or anything else for that matter, that Lindsey Lohan has done? But I do have to admit, she looks gorgeous.
What do you think?


Rachel Bilson for Nylon

Rachel Bilson was the March Nylon cover girl. She looks so cute; I absolutely love the clothes Nylon put on her! I don't quite understand why I've read all these forums stating that Nylon is an "amateur" magazine. I personally love the magazine, and I don't see anything amateur about it. Although, I do think they could of picked a better picture for the cover. Don't try and act like your too good for Nylon, you know you love it.


Academy Awards '08

Beauty Winner of the Night: Jennifer Garner
Something about her looked so gorgeous last night. She looked very polished and sophisticated, but sexy at the same time!

Best Dressed (In order): Marion Cotillard, Heidi Klum, Renee Zellwegger
1. The first time I had heard of Marion was last night, but she's so cute! Also, her gown in lovely, of course very mermaid-like.
2. Heidi Klum looked hot as always. This look is so glamorous.
3. Renee's dress was GORGEOUS. I love it, and it looks great on her.

Worst Dressed (In order): Tilda Swinton, Ellen Page, Hilary Swank
1. This look is not impressing me, at all. Not even close. It looks like she's wearing a huge garbage bag. I know some people think that she's being "brave", and they think she looks great on that account, but it's simply not acceptable to show up at the Oscars with no makeup on.
2. Oh, Ellen. This look is so boring. The dress nor the jewelry are doing her any justice. Before she arrived, Kimora Lee Simmons said that she was hoping for Ellen to show up with a pop of color because she always looks so "plain-jane" and everything she wears is black. Another disappointment.
3. I'm not quite sure what this is, and I'm not quite sure I even want to know.

Who was best dressed?
Marion Cotill
Jennifer Garner
Heidi Klum
Renee Z
Tilda Swinton
Ellen Page
Hilary Swank
Miley Cyrus
Penelope Cruz
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Megan FOX!

These are the scans from Megan Fox's photoshoot for Allure's March issue. She featured 8 different looks from up-and-coming designers. My favorite look is the last, and I know it's only because it reminds me so much of the Alexander Wang collections that I'm in love with.



Gucci's Fall '08 line is very Russian influenced, with lots of fur, patterns, and deep colors. Although the ready-to-wear collection is beautiful, Gucci's new shoes are beyond gorgeous. I need them NOW!


House of Holland

House of Holland is a company made up of t-shirts with cheeky slogans blown up onto them. Yes, Henry Holland is the real deal, the original.

Oh Vuitton...

Can someone please explain to me why Louis Vuitton's ads are always so gorgeous that they make me stop my magazine-page-flipping and stare? (For a good 5 minutes!) They just use the perfect models and colors for every shoot. I really can't get enough of their advertisements, let alone their handbags, but their latest ad made me fall in love with them all over again. I adore their new collection of bags, which have the classic monogrammed pattern, only with bright dip-dyed colors and quirky phrases printed onto it. Although I don't yet understand the meaning of these random quotes...


TopShop in America!

Yes, it's true! Topshop is opening its very first store in the states! It is set to open around October in Soho, New York. In case you didn't know, Topshop is somewhat of London's version of H&M. It is an inexpensive, yet fashionable clothing store chain. Kate Moss has her own line for Topshop, too.

Best of Topshop:
(Clockwise from top left): Zig Zag Ikat Skirt, Dip Dye Trench Coat, Stripe Gathered Sleeve Top, Double Front Waistcoat, Open Toe and Back Ankle Boot, Multi Strap Wedge, Silk Colour Block Top


Scarlett in Berlin

Here is Scarlett Johansson looking amazing at the Berlin Film Festival for her movie The Other Boleyn Girl. I haven't seen any celeb look this gorgeous and glamorous awhile. Her dress color compliments her hair color very nicely, and the fishnets and black patent heels add an unpredictably sexy twist! She truly looks like a movie star.


The Best of Urban Outfitters

Let's go shoppin' at Urban!

"Lux in the Fold Short" ($38) and "Matt Bernson Estancia Sandal" ($198)

"Charlotte Ronson Mini Peg Dress" ($148)

"Deux Lux Doublecross Bag" ($68)

"Suede Fringe T Strap Sandal" ($28)

I'm a huge fan of wearing slips as casual dresses. "Sparkle & Fade Savannah Slip" ($20)


Mishca for Iceberg

Mischa Barton's new ads for Iceberg's Spring '08 line are hot! I personally don't think she should ever die her hair back to blonde (even though she already has). I still support Mischa and she's still amazing in my book, even after what happened. These ads are gorgeous (I particularly love the last look):


Bafta Awards '08

The Bafta's were very glam this year. There seemed to be a very common trend of shimmer and glitter. The best dressed:

From the top: Emily Blunt in Marc Bouwer. She looked like a mermaid, but that's a good thing this time. Kate Hudson in Dior. Keira Knightley in Valentino. Jessica Biel also looked great with her newly honey, blonde hair. My vote for worst dress? Tilda Swinton. Why were spiders crawling on her?

GG is back!

Is anyone happier then me that Gossip Girl is coming back? I don't think so. Yay for the end of the writers strike! I need more, more, more of the best dressed teens in NY!


Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang's designs have to be my favorites out of all fashion week! The tomboy/boys wear is making a big statement lately, and I'm most definitely loving it. The rugged look on a women can scream feminine with you mix it with girly things such as booties and long, tousled hair. Yes, I am currently obsessed with Alexander Wang! These looks are so gorgeous. Don't worry, I'll be looking for clothing to imitate this look for you...

Spring 08

Fall 08

Grammys '08

Carrie Underwood showed up to the Grammy Awards looking stunning, which is no suprise. She wore a floral (which I'm sure you know, is a very big trend right now) Zuhair Murad dress, and her hair was gorgeous to top it off. She gets my vote for best dressed; all the others were a little disappointing.


Shoe Alert

WOW. I believe that I have just discovered the best fashion deal ever! These trendy Burberry Prorsum studded gladiator look-alikes are sold at Wet Seal for $10! 10 DOLLARS!

Wet Seal Version:

Burberry Version:


In my opinion, if theres only one thing you can afford to splurge on in your wardrobe, make it the handbag. It's very easy to find expensive looking clothing at places like H&M, so the bag can say it all. Anything from Mulberry is absolutely amazing.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is my current celebrity obsession. Her style is so natural and effortless looking. Not to mention, she was the best dressed at the SAG awards...